Brand information

A/D/S/ (Analog & Digital System)

Dr. Godehard Guenther, a talented physicist and an accomplished pianist, started to work for NASA in 1966. His musical education and deep passion for good music made him disillusioned in the quality of sounds he heard out of cosmetically attractive audio devices. He asked to send his Braun hi-fi system from home and very soon everyone around was asking if it is possible to buy such systems in the US. Starting from a few systems very quickly Braun delivered them by full containers. In such a way Godehard became a sole distributor of Braun hi-fi in the United States. In 1974 Dr. Guenther left NASA and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was engaged in importing Braun drivers, and selling them in the US. In the course of time having all the components he started designing and making his own devices which he sold under the name of a/d/s/.

In 1993 after Dr. Guenther retired, a new company Museatex, ADS Technologies appeared as a result of merging with a high-grade Canadian audio company. With a new managing team ADST started a new life setting a goal to attract professional producers wishing to allocate production capacities and totally control quality and manufacturing with research and development totally refocused. Kurien Jacob, a genuine audiophile, having a good financial basis, became the head of ADST. A/D/S design team was headed by Ed Meitner. In 1994 the acquisition of Orion Industries has much strengthened the company because Orion audiosound was out of competition as well as modern electronic production lines. Since then various products have been marketed separately, at the same time a/d/s/, Orion and Museatex engineering and production operated.

Our mission

Our mission is to render assistance to A/D/S clients and fans all over the world in restoration and renovation the old-time loudspeakers. We can offer original A/D/S parts of German production designed by Dr.Kurt Muller which are impossible to find anywhere since 2000. This also applies to any A/D/S speakers.

Our Business

Richard started to work for ADS in 1987 in Wilmington, Massachusetts, then in Tempe, Arizona. He worked as an acoustical engineer in A/D/S/Technologies together with Mike Stawat, Enrique Stiles and Alex DeKoster. Today Richard So Electronics has a highly qualified, experienced, faithful and impassioned specialist realizing both complexity and legacy of working in A/D/S.