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ABL Electronic Service, Inc.

Founded in 1972 ABL Electronic Service, Inc. first offered in-home TV services striving to perform quality work and meet our clients’ satisfaction. Today we continue this line offering in-home TV, LED TV and Projection TV services. The Company opened locations in Dearborn and Southfield in 1978 and 1988 respectively. Having permanently settled in Madison Heights in the mid of 1970 ABL grew into a first-class company offering specialized services in high-grade consumer audio components and professional audio equipment. The Company expanded its services sector and in the beginning of 1980 started to render services to consumers of VCR and BetaMax systems, which at the time appeared in the market. In 1982 commercial video was included in the ABL service list. During 1985-1987 endorsed by Sony Broadcast and Professional, Panasonic Pro and JVC Pro companies, ABL became a service center for manufacturers of broadcast quality video equipment. ABL is the first company in Michigan rendering services for Audio, TV and Video equipment. As far as microprocessors entered the market ABL extended services to computer controlled equipment. In 1984 a Computer division was set up in ABL to support IBM compatible computers, Apple Macintosh computers and all peripherals. Starting from one in-house technical specialist the Computer division now has seven in-house technicians and 2 road technical experts. In the mid of 1980 ABL developed its own UNIX based information system software whereby multiple operations have been automated including order tracking, parts ordering, billing, report compilation and others. Moreover our overheads have reduced. ABL operates the software on UNIX server with terminals in the main building and satellite facilities. Though the software developer has no longer works for ABL the software is established as an industry standard. ABL is registered as a member of the Greater Detroit Chamber of Commerce, the Michigan State Chamber of Commerce, the Madison Heights Chamber of Commerce, NESDA and NARDA.