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Owners manual GE - VG2053/VG4053

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VCR User’s Guide

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Summary of Contents

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    VG2053/VG4053 VCR User’s Guide We bring good things to life.
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    Introduction Table of Contents 1 Important Information Warnings______________________________ i Cautions ______________________________ i Note to Cable TV Installer _______________ i Product Registration ____________________ i Hooking Up the VCR Choosing
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    2 Hooking Up the VCR Choosing a Hookup The hookups on pages 3 through 5 are divided into two hookup types:Basic (A) and Advanced (B). The basic hookup shows the backs of TVs that have only an antenna/cableconnection. It is the easier of the two and additional
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    A. Basic hookup. Use this hookup for a simple connectionwhich requires fewer accessories. 1. Set the CH3 CH4 switch on back of VCR to either channel 3 or 4. Tune the TV to this channel and use the TV•VCR button to watch the VCR. 2. Connect as shown. This
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    4 Hooking Up the VCR Cable System With Cable Box to Unscramble All Channels OUT IN Cable Box From Cable RF Coaxial Cable Back of VCR Back of TV Cable/ Antenna OR VHF UHF RF Coaxial Cable (supplied) 75 to 75/300 Ohm Separator RF OUT ANT IN IN AUDIO VIDEO
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    A. Basic hookup. Use this hookup for a simple connectionwhich requires fewer accessories. 1 . Set the CH3 CH4 switch on back of VCR to either channel 3 or 4. Tune the TV to this channel and use the TV•VCR button to watch the VCR. 2 . Connect as shown. This
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    6 Hooking Up the VCR Connecting Two VCRs for Copying Tapes Playback VCR RF Coaxial Cable (supplied) Recording VCR Audio/Video Cables RF Coaxial Cable or Use the hookup to the TV as previously selected on pages 3, 4, or 5. From Antenna, Cable or Cable Box
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    7 Setting Up the VCR 1. Check accessories with VCR. Contact your dealer if any items are missing. 2. Insert batteries in remote. 3. Turn on the TV. A. Turn on the TV. B . If you used one of the basic hookups, tune the TV to the channel selected with the
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    VCR MAIN MENU 1 SET CLOCK2 TIMER RECORDINGS3 CHANNELS 8 Setting Up the VCR 5. Place channels in the VCR’s memory. The first time you turn on the VCR or after a powerinterruption, perform the AUTO CHANNEL SEARCH so that your VCR can memorize the channels
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    9 Setting Up the VCR Startup 7. Use TV•VCR button. Skip this step if you used one of the advanced hookups. When using one of the basic hookups, the TV•VCR button lets you switch between the picture coming from the VCR or televisionchannels. Also, this button
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    10 Using the Remote Control VCR Function Buttons POWER TV•VCR PREV CH 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 CHAN MENU MOVE 100 INPUT PLAY REW STOP FF REC F.ADV SLOW PAUSE SPEED TRACKING SKIP continued on next page 100 Lets you select a channel number over 100. CHAN (Channel
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    11 Using the Remote Control VCR Function Buttons (Continued) PAUSE Pauses action for viewing duringplayback. Press PAUSE again to resume normal playback. Pauses recording to prevent recording ofunwanted scenes. Also, lets you pause a recording, thenresume
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    12 Playing a Tape Operating Instructions To Play a Tape 1 . Turn on the TV and tune it to channel 3, 4, or the TV’s video input to see the picture from the VCR. 2 . Insert a tape in the VCR. The VCR turns on automatically. The power and VCR indicators light.
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    13 Using the Playback Features Playing a Tape Display Clock or Time Counter You can display the time counter or the clock in the VCR’s display panel. 1. Press MENU to display the VCR MAIN MENU . 2. Press 4 to display the SEARCH/COUNTER menu. 3 . Press 5
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    14 Using the Playback Features Picture Search You can search for a specific tape location during playback by fastforwarding or rewinding the tape. Sound is turned off duringpicture search. Picture search works best for tapes recorded in SPor EP speed. Fast
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    15 Commercial Scan (SKIP Button) This is useful for scanning commercials or short programsegments. 1 . Press SKIP during playback to advance the tape approximately 60 seconds. Pause for Stop Action This feature stops a tape in action and lets you examine
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    Recording a Program Your VCR provides different recording features. The following sections describe these features. Recording Speeds Press SPEED on the remote to select a recording speed (SP, LP, or EP). The speed you select appears on the TV screen. Types
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    17 Recording a Program One Touch Recording One touch recording lets you record up to four hours without using the timer programfeature. The VCR turns off automatically at the end of the recording. Operating Instructions 1. Turn on the VCR. 2. Insert a tape
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    18 Recording a Program Recording While You’re Away (Timer Recording) The timer program feature lets you program the VCR to record up to eight different programswithin a one year period. Before setting the timer, make sure that: • The clock is set correctly.•
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    19 Recording a Program Checking or Clearing Timer Recordings 1. Press MENU on the remote to display the VCR MAIN MENU . 2. Press 2 to display the TIMER RECORDINGS menu. 3. Press the number of the program you want to remove. 4. Press 0 on the remote when
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    20 Recording a Program Using Two VCRs for Copying and Editing Tapes Operating Instructions (Refer to hookup on page 6.) Use one VCR as the playback VCR and the other as the recording VCR. 1. Turn on the TV and VCRs. 2. Tune the TV to the VCR viewing channel,
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    21 References Format: VHS Record/Playback Video: Model VG2053 2-HeadModel VG4053 4-Head System: Audio: Mono record/playback system Video Signal System: EIA standard: NTSC color Antenna: 75-ohm external VHF/UHF combined antenna terminal Tuner: USA: 181 channels
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    22 References Location of Controls STOP PLAY POWER EJECT FWD REW RECORD CHANNEL CHANNEL Up or Down Selects next higher or lower channel in theVCR’s channel memory. EJECT Press when the VCR is stopped to ejectthe cassette. FWD (Fast Forward) Fast forwards
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    23 References Location of Controls Back Panel CH3 CH4 Switch Selects the channel to which you tune the TV tosee the VCR picture if you connect the VCRusing one of the basic hookups. ANT (Antenna) IN Connector Receives a signal from an antenna or cablesystem
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    24 References Display Panel Channel number or Line InputThe channel number or line input is displayed. AU lights when you press INPUT and record from the VIDEO IN and AUDIO IN jacks on the back of the VCR. Cassette In IndicatorLights when a tape is in the
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    25 References Limited Warranty What your warranty covers: • Any defect in material or workmanship. For how long after your purchase: • Ninety days for labor charges. • One year for parts. • The warranty period for rental units begins with the first rental.
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    26 continued on next page References Trouble Checks Sometimes problems can be easily solved by checking a few basic things. Check below beforeyou call for help or take your VCR to an Authorized GE VCR Servicenter. N o power VCR does not respond to remote
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    27 • Tape already rewound. • Cable box was not turned on at time recording was to begin.• Program entered incorrectly (wrong channel or times).• Power interruption. Reset clock. See page 9.• Check to see if time and date are correct — including AM/PM . •
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    28 References Index 100 button ............................................10 Accessories, Included ................................7Add or Remove Channels from Memory...................................................8 ADD/REMOVE CHANNEL Menu ............8
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    29 Notes
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