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Owners manual Indesit - IDCA 735, IDCA735SUK, IDCA735UK

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English, 1


Important information, 2-3
Installation, 4

Where to install the tumble dryer


Electrical connections

Preliminary information

Description of the tumble dryer, 5-6


Control panel

How to carry out a drying cycle, 7

Starting and selecting a programme

Programmes and options, 8-9-10

Programme chart

Special programmes


Opening the door

Laundry, 11-12

Sorting laundry

Care labels

Special items

Drying times

Warnings and suggestions, 13

General safety

Information on recycling and disposal

Saving energy and respecting the environment

Care and maintenance, 14

Disconnecting the power supply

Cleaning the filter after each cycle

Checking the drum after each cycle

Emptying the water container after each cycle

Cleaning the condenser unit

Cleaning the tumble dryer

Troubleshooting, 15
Assistance and Guarantee, 16-17-18

Spare parts


IDCA 735

Keep this manual at hand for immediate reference

whenever necessary. Always store this manual close to the
tumble dryer and remember to pass it on to any new owners
when selling or transferring the appliance, so they may
familiarise with the warnings and suggestions herein

Read these instructions carefully: the following pages

contain important information on installation and useful
suggestions for operating the appliance.

Instruction manual



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Summary of Contents

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    EN 1 English, 1 Contents Important information, 2-3Installation, 4 Where to install the tumble dryer Ventilation Electrical connections Preliminary information Description of the tumble dryer, 5-6 Features Control panel How to carry out a drying cycle, 7
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    2 EN 2 Important information To ensure that the condenser dryer functions efficiently, the following routine maintenance procedures must be carried out: Fluff filter – CLEAN off any fluff build-up on the filter after each drying cycle. Step 1 Open the dryer
  • p. 3/20
    EN 3 Condenser unit - remove any fluff build-up from the condenser on a monthly basis. Step 1 Open the condenser cover - grip the handle and pull towards you. Step 2 Remove the condenser by turning the 3 catches, then pull the condenser towards you. (It
  • p. 4/20
    4 EN Where to install the tumble dryer • Install the dryer far from gas ranges, stoves, radiators or hobs, as flames may damage it. If the dryer is installed below a worktop, ensure there are 10 mm between the upper panel of the dryer and any objects above
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    EN 5 On/Off button Start/Pause button and indicator light Programme selection knob Press the door Condenser unit (cover open) Water container Data plate Condenser cover handle (pull to open) Filter Air intake grille Description of the tumble dryer Opening
  • p. 6/20
    6 EN ON/OFF/Reset button Pressing the button normally will cause the machine to switch on or off. If the button is pressed for 3 seconds while the dryer is in function, the machine will switch off and the running cycle will reset. Programme selection knob
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    EN 7 Starting and selecting a programme 1. Plug the dryer into the power supply socket. 2. Select the programme according to the type of laundry (see Laundry). 3. Open the door, ensure that the filter is clean and securely placed and that the water container
  • p. 8/20
    8 EN Programme chart Special/Sport/Partial Programmes Eco Time Programme This programme is ideal for safely drying small loads in a short time, thereby optimising energy consumption. Suitable for loads of up to 2 kg, it lasts about 60 minutes. The programme
  • p. 9/20
    EN 9 Sport Intensive Programme This programme is designed for safely drying garments such as tracksuits and shorts bearing the symbol. It is ideal for clothes which do not need to be dried fully. Suitable for loads of up to 4 kg, it lasts about 80 minutes,
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    10 EN Options The options allow for customising the selected programme according to one’s own needs. Delay start The start of some programmes (see Programmes and options) may be delayed up to 9 hours. Press the button repeatedly to enter the desired delay
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    EN 11 Sorting laundry • Check the symbols on the care labels of the various garments to verify whether the garments can be safely tumble dried. • Sort laundry according to the type of fabric. • Empty all pockets and check for loose buttons. • Close zips
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    12 EN Special items Blankets and bedcovers: acrylic items (Acilian, Courtelle, Orion, Dralon) must be dried with great care at low heat. Avoid drying for long periods. Creased or pleated garments: read the drying instructions supplied by the manufacturer.
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    EN 13  This appliance was designed and manufactured in compliance with current international safety standards. The following information is provided for safety reasons and must be read carefully. General safety • This tumble dryer must not be used by persons
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    14 EN Disconnecting the power supply  Disconnect the dryer when not in use or during cleaning and maintenance operations. Cleaning the filter after each cycle The filter is a fundamental component of the dryer: its function is to collect lint and fluff
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    EN 15 Troubleshooting Possible causes / Solutions: • The plug has not been inserted far enough into the socket to make contact. • There has been a power cut. • The fuse has burned out. Try connecting another appliance to the same socket. • If an extension
  • p. 16/20
    16 EN Before contacting the Technical Assistance Centre: • Follow the troubleshooting guide to check whether problems can be solved personally (see Troubleshooting). • If not, switch the dryer off and contact the Technical Assistance Centre closest to you.
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    EN 17 12 Months Parts and Labour Guarantee Your appliance has the benefit of our manufacturer’s guarantee, which covers the cost of breakdown repairs for twelve months from the date of purchase. This gives you the reassurance that if, within that time, your
  • p. 18/20
    18 EN After Sales Service No one is better placed to care for your Indesit appliance during the course of its working life than us - the manufacturer. Essential Contact Information Indesit Service We are the largest service team in Europe offering you access
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    EN 19
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    20 EN 195075034.00 01/2009 - Xerox Fabriano

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