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Welcome to the Sony Personal Entertainment Organizer (referred to as
the “Sony CLIÉ Handheld” or “CLIÉ handheld” in this manual).
Your Sony CLIÉ Handheld comes with three manuals:

Read This First

The Read This First manual gives you an overview of your CLIÉ
handheld’s features, hardware and software setup, installation
instructions, and other important details. Before reading the other
manuals, read the Read This First manual.

Operating Instructions

The Operating Instructions manual describes all you need to know
about how to use your CLIÉ handheld and the Personal Information
Management (PIM) applications that come with it.
This manual shows you how to:

■ Turn on and off your CLIÉ handheld, reset the CLIÉ handheld, and

enter data in greater detail (Chapter 1)

■ Use the Personal Information Management applications: Date

Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, and Calculator
(Chapter 2)

■ Perform a HotSync operation with your computer (Chapter 3)
■ Exchange data with another handheld using beaming or Memory

Stick media (Chapter 4)

■ Personalize your CLIÉ handheld with your own preferences

settings (Chapter 5)

■ Maintain your CLIÉ handheld and use the Troubleshooting guide

and other technical information (Chapter 6)

About this manual

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