Removing from connection cradle – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Connecting to Host Computer Again

While you keep MM series inserted in the connection cradle, slide the connection
switch back to ON to connect to the host computer again.

When you do not remove MM series from the connection cradle after
stopping the device, the connection is stopped, although the
indicator is on. To regain the connection, slide the host PC connection
switch to
OFF, then back ON again.

Disconnecting USB Cable

When disconnecting the USB cable from the host computer and the connection cradle,
be sure to stop the device before disconnecting the cable.

Removing from Connection Cradle

To remove the MM series from the connection cradle, follow the steps below:

1. Stop the device first.

Be sure to stop the device before removing MM series from the
connection cradle.
Otherwise the data may be lost and the MM series may be damaged.

2. Hold the stand plate of the connection cradle by your hand, and pull up the MM

series out of the connection cradle. The READY indicator on the connection cradle
turns off.