Manual conventions – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Manual Conventions

This manual uses a set of style conventions described below.

Notes and Cautions are italicized with icons:

A note icon informs you of a special technique or information that may
help you perform a task or better understand a process.

A caution icon alerts you to something that may cause problems or
damage to hardware, software or data.

Key Labels on the Keyboard, when referred to in the instructions, are shown in

Enter to continue.

When two or more keys are pressed simultaneously, the key labels are separated by a
plus (+) sign:

Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Sample Entries are shown in lower cases of different typeface.


Words/Texts on Screen, such as window titles or possible parameters, are italicized:

Double-click this icon to display the Power Options Properties dialog box.

Set the item to Enabled.

Screens reproduced in this manual may differ slightly from the screens you see on
your computer.

Section Titles in other parts of this manual are italicized:



Installing Battery Pack section of Chapter 1.