Using glide pad – Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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Using Glide Pad

Your computer is equipped with an integrated pointing device called a glide pad.
Using the glide pad, you can move the pointer, select an item from a menu, and
perform other tasks in the same way you would with a mouse.

Do not hit or scratch the surface of the glide pad with pointed objects

(such as a ballpoint pen).

Do not operate the glide pad with a moist finger. This may cause the

glide pad to operate incorrectly.

Using Glide Pad

Take a moment to become familiar with how the glide pad works.

Place Your Fingertip

Place your left or right hand next to the glide pad, resting your wrist naturally in a
relaxed manner. Place your thumb or finger on the glide pad.

Move Your Fingertip

The rectangular pad of the glide pad is used to move the pointer around the display.
As you slide your fingertip across the pad, the pointer on the screen moves in the same
direction across the screen. The glide pad is very sensitive, so you do not have to exert
much pressure on the pad. The glide pad will respond to a light touch from your

Glide Pad