Sharp PC-MM1 User Manual

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11. Configure the network by setting the name of your computer and workgroup.

To communicate with other wireless enabled computers, set your
computer name and the workgroup name. Your computer name should be
unique and the workgroup name should be same as others.

Confirming the Status of Wireless Connection

Before performing the following instructions, confirm the devices that you want to
communicate with are enabled for wireless LAN.

1. Click

Wireless Network Connection icon (

or ) on the taskbar. If you

cannot find the icon click to show all kinds of icon. Wireless Network
Connection dialog box appears. If Wireless Network Connection Status dialog
box appears, go to Step 7.


Select a network you want to access in Available wireless networks in Wireless
Network Connection
dialog box. If the network requires the Network key entered,
go to Step 4. If it is not set Network key, the caution message appears.

When the network name you want to access does not appear, click
Advanced tab; then, Refresh button of Available networks in Wireless
Network Connection Properties dialog box; then, click OK.


When you agree with the message, check the box of Allow me to connect… and
go to Step 5.


Type the required Network key. (Refer to Connecting the WEP configured

5. Click

Connect button.

6. Click

Wireless Network Connection icon ( ) on the taskbar.

7. In

Wireless Network Connection Status dialog box, confirm your connection


The number of green signals (

) shows the connection quality. The

more signals light on, the better quality is given to your computer.

When the quality of connection is poor, adjust the distance between

your computer and other devices or the access point you are
communicating with and/or the facing direction of your computer.