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The playback function works in PLAYER mode only.

Playback on the LCD

It is practical to view a tape using the LCD when in a car or outdoors.

Playback on a TV monitor

To play back a tape, the television must have a compatible colour system.

We recommend that you use the AC Power Adapter as the power source for the camcorder.

Connecting to a TV which has Audio/Video input jacks

1. Connect the camcorder and TV with the AUDIO/VIDEO cable.

The yellow plug : Video

The white plug : Audio(L)

The red plug : Audio(R) - STEREO only

If you connect to a monaural TV or VCR, connect the yellow plug
(Video) to the video input of the TV or VCR and the white plug (Audio L)
to the audio input of the TV or VCR.

You may use the SCART adapter (optional).

2. Set the power switch on the camcorder to PLAYER mode.
3. Turn on the TV and set the TV/VIDEO selector on the TV to VIDEO.

Refer to the TV or VCR user’s manual.

4. Play the tape.


You may use the S-VIDEO plug to obtain better quality pictures if you have a S-VIDEO connector on your TV.

Even if you use a S-VIDEO plug, you need to connect an audio cable.

If you connect the cable to the AV Jack, you will not hear sound from the speakers of CAMCORDER.

Tape Playback




Video input-


Audio input

S-VIDEO input


Audio input


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