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Adjusting Your SET UP (menus) (continued)

G (General Audience):

Will contain very

little violence, either physical or verbal or
emotional. There may by some inoffensive
slang, no profanity and no nudity.

PG (Parental Guidance):


intended for a general audience but which
may not be suitable for younger children.
Parents may consider some content
inappropriate for unsupervised viewing by
children aged 8 - 13.

14+ (Programming contains themes or
content which may not be suitable for
viewers under the age of 14):

Parents are

strongly cautioned to exercise discretion in
permitting viewing by pre-teens and early

18+ (Adult):

May contain violence integral

to the development of the plot, character or
theme, intended for adult audiences. May
contain graphic language and explicit
portrayals of nudity and/or sex.

E (Exempt):

Exempt programming includes:

news, sports documentaries and other
information programming: talk shows,
music videos, and variety programming.


The E (Exempt) rating is not shown in the

Canadian French Language ratings

The Canadian French Language Ratings are
for TV programs in French broadcast in

G (General):

Programming intended for

audience of all ages. Contains no violence, or
the violence it contains is minimal or is
depicted appropriately with humor or
caricature or in an unrealistic manner.

8 ans+ (8+ General - Not recommended for
young children):

Programming intended for

a broad audience but contains light or
occasional violence that could disturb young
children. Viewing with an adult is
recommended for young children (under the
age of 8).

13 ans+ (Programming may not suitable for
children under the age of 13):

Viewing with

an adult is strongly recommended for
children under 13.

16 ans+ (Programming is not suitable for
children under the age of 16):


frequent scenes of violence or intense

18 ans+ (Programming restricted to adults):
Contains constant violence or scenes of
extreme violence.

E (Exempt):

Exempt programming.


The E (Exempt) rating is not shown in the

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