Chapter 7 umid functions, 1 overview of umid functions – Sony HDW-M2100 User Manual

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Chapter 7

UMID Functions

Chapter 7

UMID Functions


Chapter 7

UMID Functions

The UMID (Unique Material Identifier) is a type of
meta-data in video and audio materials. It has been
internationally standardized in SMPTE Standard
330M. This unit supports recording and generation of
The UMID is made up of a section called the “Basic”
section and a section called the “Source Pack” section.
The Basic section contains information such as the
device that recorded the material and whether the

7-1 Overview of UMID Functions

material is the original or a copy. The Source Pack
section contains information about when/where/who
recorded the material.
A UMID with a Basic section only is called a Basic
UMID. A UMID with both Basic and Source Pack
sections is called an Extended UMID. The following
figure shows a general overview of the information
contained in a UMID.



Instance Number

Material Number

Source Pack


Spatial Co-ordinates

Stored Ownership

Copy or original

Which device recorded the original

When was it recorded

Where was it recorded

Who recorded it

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