Sharp MD-MT20H User Manual

Page 13

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To turn off the power:

Press the

/:OFF button whilst in the stop


After the track number has been written
on the disc, the power will shut off auto-
matically. (For details about the TOC,
see page 21.)

To remove the MiniDisc:

Turn off the power and move the OPEN
lever in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Recordings can not be made in the
following situations:

Recording on a playback-only
MiniDisc (commercially available

If a MiniDisc is protected against ac-
cidental erasure. (page 10)

About the recording level:

If the recording level is too low, the
playback sound volume may be too
low to hear well. If it is too high, the
playback sound may be greatly dis-
torted. Since digitally recorded CDs
have a large dynamic range (the vol-
ume can vary tremendously from very
soft to extremely loud), do not set the
recording level any higher than is

Precautions when recording:

Do not jar or bump the main unit whilst
recording. Otherwise, the recording
may be unusable.

Depending on the strength and type
of playback signal in the original re-
cording, the new recording may not
begin or pause at the correct point
when in the synchro mode. If this hap-
pens, try making a manual recording.

Precautions when inserting a

To insert a MiniDisc, push on the
middle of the edge of the disc whilst
holding it parallel to the main unit.

If any resistance is felt, do not try to
force the MiniDisc into the unit. It may
additional more problems. If resis-
tance is felt, remove the MiniDisc and
try reloading it.



Recording from a tuner or a CD
(Manual recording)

Manual recordings can be started and
stopped as you like.


Place the unit in the recording stand-by
mode. (Perform steps 1 - 4 in the “Syn-
chro recording” section.)


Press the



Recording will start.

To record from a CD, press the


button, and then start playback on the
equipment connected to this unit.

Track numbers can be created whilst
recording. (Page 18)

To interrupt recording:

Press the


button whilst recording.

The unit will enter the recording stand-
by mode.

To resume recording, press the



ton again.
The track number will be increased by
one each time you interrupt a record-


* MD-MT20H FOR UK(01-21)

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