Troubleshooting guide (dvd), Problems and solutions (vcr) – Samsung SV-DVD3E EN User Manual

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Troubleshooting Guide (DVD)

Disc does not play.

5.1 channel sound is not
being reproduced.

The icon appears on

Playback mode differs from
the Setup Menu selection.

The screen ratio cannot be

No audio.

Forgot password

If you experience other

Ensure that the disc is installed with the label side facing up.

Check the region number of the DVD.

This player cannot play CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc. Insert a DVD, a

5.1 channel sound is reproduced only when the following conditions
are met. :
1) The DVD-VCR player is connected with the proper amplifier
2) The disc is recorded with 5.1 channel sound.

Check whether the disc being played has the “Dolby 5.1 ch” mark on
the outside.

Check if your audio system is connected and working properly.

The features or action cannot be completed at this time because:
1. The DVD’s software restricts it.
2. The DVD’s software doesn’t support the feature (e.g., angles).
3. The feature is not available at the moment.
4. You’ve requested a title or chapter number or search time that is

out of range.

Some of the functions selected in the Setup Menu may not work
properly if the disc is not encoded with the corresponding function.

The Screen Ratio is fixed on your DVDs.

Make sure you have selected the correct Digital Output in the Audio
Options Menu.

Press power on from a cold start with no disc in the unit. Press the




buttons simultaneously on the front panel for five

seconds. The Select Menu Language display will appear. Select the
desired language button. Press the SETUP button on the remote
control to select the Parental Mode. The Parental Mode is now
unlocked as indicated on the display. Press the DOWN button to
select Parental. Press ENTER and the Create Password display will
appear. You can now set your rating level and change your
password to a new number.

Go to the contents and find the section of the instruction book that
contains the explanations regarding the current problem, and follow
the procedure once again.

If the problem still cannot be solved, please contact your nearest
authorized service center.




Before requesting service (troubleshooting)









Problems and Solutions (VCR)

Before contacting the Samsung after-sales service, perform the following simple checks.



No power

Check that the power plug is connected to a wall outlet.

Have you pressed the STANDBY/ON button?

You cannot insert a video cassette

A video cassette can only be inserted with the window
side up and the safety tab facing you.

The television programme was not recorded

Check the DVD-VCR aerial connections.

Is the DVD-VCR tuner properly set?

Check if the safety tab is intact on the cassette.

Timer recording was unsuccessful

Was the STANDBY/ON button pressed to activate the timer?

Re-check the recording start/stop time settings.

If there was a power failure or interruption during timer
recording, the recording will have been cancelled.

No playback picture or the picture

Check to see if you are using a prerecorded tape.

is distorted

You cannot see normal broadcasts

Check the TUNER/EXTERNAL setting. It should be on

Check the TV/VCR aerial connections.

Noise bars or streaks on playback

Press the TRK (


) buttons to minimize this effect.

When the

II button is pressed

A still picture may have “noise bars”, depending on the

during playback, the still picture

condition of the tape. Press the TRK (


) buttons during

has severe “noise bars” streaks

SLOW motion to minimize this effect.

Video Head Cleaning

If poor pictures appear on a variety of cassettes, the video
heads may need cleaning. This is not a common problem
and unless it appears, the heads should not be cleaned.
When cleaning the video heads, read all instructions
provided with the head cleaning cassette. Incorrect head
cleaning can permanently damage the video heads.

If when tuning in your TV to the DVD-VCR

1. Remove the aerial input plug from the socket marked (aerial

TV does not find the Screen

symbol) on the rear of the DVD-VCR.

or the pattern when found suffers

2. Carry out the instructions “Tuning Your Television for the DVD-

from interference, it may be due to the

VCR” (see page 14).

DVD-VCR output channel clashing with

3. Carry out the instructions “Setting the DVD-VCR output

the normal TV transmissions in your area.

Channel” (see page 23), move the channel number

To prevent this you will need to change the

several channels down from the original setting.

DVD-VCR output channel in the following

(example: from 38 to 40).


4. Replace the aerial plug into the socket marked (aerial symbol)

on the rear of the DVD-VCR.

5. Re-tune your TV to the DVD-VCR again by following

instructions “Tuning Your Television for the DVD-VCR”
(page 14).

6. If the problem still exists repeat steps 1 to 5 moving several

more channels away from the original setting.

If you are unable to solve the problem after reading the above instructions, note:

The model and serial number on the rear of your DVD-VCR
The warranty information
A clear description of the problem

Then contact your nearest SAMSUNG after-sales service.