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Playing a game

The analog controller (DUALSHOCK


2) is equipped with a pressure-

sensitive button function. It also has a vibration function.

Part names

* The left and right analog sticks, or the L3 and R3 buttons, function only in analog

mode (indicator: red).

* The L3 and R3 buttons function when the analog sticks are pressed.


Before using the analog controller


2), with the console turned on,

rotate the left and right analog sticks once with your
thumbs before starting a game. Do not twist the
analog sticks, but rotate as if drawing a circle as
shown in the diagram.

About mode switching

The ANALOG mode button can be used to switch between two modes.
Switch to the appropriate mode for use. Note, however, that some software
titles make this adjustment automatically.


• When using the analog controller in digital mode, the left and right analog sticks

do not function. Also, the pressure-sensitive button function is turned off.

• Depending on the software, you may not be able to switch modes even if you press

the ANALOG mode button.

About analog controls

• When playing a PlayStation


2 format software title, you can use all

buttons in analog mode except for the START, SELECT, L3 and R3

• When playing a PlayStation


format software title, only the left and right

analog sticks can be used in analog mode.


Depending on the software, the buttons for use in analog mode may be limited. Refer
to the instructions supplied with the software for details.

About the vibration function

The vibration function can be set to ON or OFF in the software options


Depending on the software, the vibration function may be set to "On" automatically.

Using the analog controller (DUALSHOCK



SELECT button

L2 button

L1 button


Mode indicator

ANALOG mode button

START button

R2 button

R1 button





Right analog stick/ R3 button*

Left analog stick/ L3 button*

Digital mode
(indicator: off)

Analog mode
(indicator: red)

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