Adjusting the height of the picture, Transporting the projector, Remove your hand from the adjuster release – Sharp PGD210U User Manual

Page 14: Make any minor adjustments necessary

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Adjuster release

Adjusting the Height of the Picture

Use the adjuster release to adjust the angle of the projector and height of the picture. Minor adjustments can be
made with the adjusters.

1. Press the adjuster release and lift the

projector to the desired angle with both

• The adjuster legs will extend to the surface of the


2. Remove your hand from the adjuster


• The adjuster legs will lock in position. Release the

projector once you are sure the adjuster legs
have locked in position.

3. Make any minor adjustments necessary

• Turn the adjusters to further adjust the angle of

the projector.




Carrying handle

When transporting the projector, carry it by the handle located on the
side of the unit.


• Always put on the lens cap to prevent damage to the lens when transporting

the projector.


• Do not lift or carry the projector by the lens or the lens cap as this may

damage the lens.

Transporting the Projector

Use the carrying handle when carrying the projector.

Returning the projector to its original position

• While holding the projector with both hands, press the

adjuster release and slowly lower the projector to its original


• Adjustable up to approximately 5° from the horizontal.
• When adjustments are made with the adjusters, the picture may

become distorted, depending on the relative positions of the
projector and the screen.

• After adjusting, in some cases, all of the adjuster legs may not be

resting on the table.
To prevent the projector from wobbling, adjust the adjuster legs so
that they firmly contact the table.


• Do not press the adjuster release when the adjuster legs are

extended without firmly holding the projector.

• When lowering the projector, be careful not to get your fingers caught

in the area between the adjusters and the projector.

• Do not hold the lens when lifting or lowering the projector.