Using preset numbers, Other ways to make calls, Using preset numbers other ways to make calls – Sony NAV-U NV-U84 User Manual

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Using preset numbers

You can make a call quickly using preset phone numbers.
For details on how to preset phone numbers, see page 77.


In the menu display, touch

, then “Phone.”

The calling method selection display appears.


Select “D1,” “D2,” “D3,” or “Home.”
The call is made.
The calling display appears until the other party answers.
For details on operations during a call, see page 50.

To cancel calling, touch


To adjust the volume of the hands-free function, touch –/+.

With Gesture Command
In the map display, draw

to call your home.

Other ways to make calls

You can make calls also by the following methods.
In the menu display, touch

c “Phone” c “Make a Call” c the desired item below.

* Available only if the phone number is registered.



Points of Interest*

Makes a call to the searched POI.
For details on POI search, see page 17.

Search for POI, then select “Call” in the POI
confirmation display.

Voice Dial

Makes a call using the voice dial function of
your cellphone (if available).
For details, see the manual of the cellphone.

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