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General settings

The following settings related to the system are configurable.

In the menu display, touch

c “General” c the desired item c the desired option.



Volume (Operation Sound)

Presets the volume level for touch screen
operation sound: “Level 3,” “Level 2,” “Level
1,” “OFF.”


Selects the distance unit: “Kilometers,”

Time Format

Selects the clock indication: “12hr (AM /
PM),” “24hr.”

Time Zone

Sets the time zone automatically or manually.

Select Language

Selects the language for on-screen display.


Adjusts the display settings.
– “Brightness, Day / Night Mode”: Switches

the display brightness automatically or sets
the brightness for day time/night time use:
“Automatic,” “Day,” “Night.” The
brightness level for day time and night time
use can be adjusted manually.

– “Touchscreen Calibration”: Performs the

touch screen calibration when the touch
function is off the mark. Touch the targets in

Input Home Address

Registers your home address.
– “Enter Address”: Sets from the navigation

menu. For details on how to set the address,
see “Address search” on page 15.

– “Map”: Selects on the map. For details on

how to select the point on the map, see
“Map scrolling mode” on page 27

Start the Configuration Wizard

Configures the basic settings by following the
wizard (i.e., to perform the Startup
Configuration Wizard again).

Daylight Saving Time

Sets daylight saving time automatically by
GPS or manually.
– “Automatic”: Updates automatically by


– “Manual (+1h)”/“Manual (+30min)”: Sets


– “OFF”: Standard time.

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