Bluetooth settings (nv-u94t/u74t only) – Sony NAV-U NV-U84 User Manual

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Bluetooth settings (NV-U94T/U74T only)

The following Bluetooth settings are configurable.

In the menu display, touch

c “Bluetooth” c the desired item c the desired option.



My Devices

Views the list of registered Bluetooth
device(s); deletes registration.

To delete the registration, select “Delete”


the device(s) to delete

c “Done” c “OK.”

Add Devices (page 43)

Pairs the unit and the Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Signal (page 43)

Activates the Bluetooth signal: “ON,” “OFF.”

Bluetooth Device Info

Views the information of this unit, such as the
name, address, or compatible profile; edits the
name of the unit.

To edit the name of the unit, select “Edit,”
then enter the new name.

Select Audio Output
(page 58 and page 64) (NV-U94T only)

Selects the car audio unit for audio/video
sound streaming via Bluetooth.

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