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Owners manual Sunbeam - EM8910

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Intuitive Digital

Automatic pump espresso machine with LCD

Instruction Booklet


Please read these instructions carefully
and retain for future reference.


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    Intuitive Digital Automatic pump espresso machine with LCD Instruction Booklet EM8910 Please read these instructions carefully and retain for future reference.
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    Contents Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions 2 About espresso coffee 3 Features of your Sunbeam Intuitive Digital 4 LCD menu overview 8 Preparing your Sunbeam Intuitive Digital 9 Using the Sunbeam Intuitive Digital 10 Setting the water hardness 12 Making an espresso
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    2 If you have any concerns regarding the performance and use of your appliance, please visit or contact the Sunbeam Consumer Service Line Ensure the above safety precautions are understood. Sunbeam’s Safety Precautions SAFETY PRECAUTIONS
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    3 About espresso coffee Sunbeam’s extensive experience in designing quality, long-lasting appliances has enabled us to develop a range of pump espresso machines that are as beautiful as they are functional. As well as incorporating the learnings from commercial
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    4 Features of your Sunbeam Intuitive Digital Warming plateAllows coffee cups to be warmed before use. Steam/Hot water switchTurn the switch to activate steam or hot water. Steam nozzleDispenses steam or hot water. Height-adjustable espresso pour spoutFits
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    5 Coffee bean hopperThe conical burr grinder holds up to 230g of coffee beans. Coffee grind selectorSelect grind setting from fine to coarse. Control panel with LCD 1.5 litre removable water reservoirSimply slides out for easy filling. Removable drip tray
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    1 or 2 cup coffee request OK/Enter Coffee strength /quantity Espresso pour volume Menu selector Automatic rinse Steam pre-selection Power Water indicator Coffee waste container indicator Temperature indicator 6 Features of your Sunbeam Intuitive Digital
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    7 One touch operationThe Sunbeam Intuitive Digital is an automatic espresso machine that takes the guess work out of making espresso coffee. It grinds the coffee beans, dispenses the ground coffee into the filter, tamps it and pumps water through to produce
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    8 LCD menu overview The Sunbeam Intuitive Digital allows you to change and save the espresso machine settings from those preset at the factory, start cleaning programs and call up other information regarding to the workings of your espresso machine.The following
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    Preparing your Sunbeam Intuitive Digital • Position the espresso machine onto a stable, flat, dry surface. • Attach the coffee bean hopper onto the espresso machine. With the hopper in hand, align the arrow on the base of the hopper with the ‘HOPPER RELEASE’
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    10 Heading Using the Sunbeam Intuitive Digital Prior to switching on each time, make sure there is water in the water reservoir and replenish if necessary. As the machine requires water for the automatic rinsing cycles with each switching on and switching
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    11 Heading Tip: To ensure a quality coffee, change the water in the water reservoir daily and wash the reservoir at least once a week in hot soapy water and rinse thoroughly.• Immediately after being switched on the machine runs through a set-up cycle. The
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    12 Prior to first use the Sunbeam Intuitive Digital should be adjusted to the relevant degree of water hardness for your region. Water hardness refers to the mineral content of your local water supply. You may determine the hardness degree using the supplied
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    13 Figure 13 The following process for making coffee with beans runs completely automatically: Grinding, dosing, tamping, pre-infusion, brewing, ejection of coffee grounds.The facility to select the grinding degree and the coffee quantity allows you to individually
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    14 Select espresso pour volume/sizeDepending on your taste, select a short, standard or a long espresso pour.• For this press the 'espresso pour volume' button until the desired cup symbol is selected or the desired cup size is indicated on the display.
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    15 Setting the number of cups and dispensing coffee• Place one or two cups under the espresso pour spouts. The height of the pour spouts can be adjusted to suit the height of your cup to reduce heat loss and espresso splashes. Simply slide the espresso pour
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    16 This function allows you to brew pre-ground coffee e.g. decaffeinated coffee.Note: You must only use the supplied measuring spoon, and never put more than 2 level measuring spoons of pre-ground coffee into the pre-ground coffee receptacle.Note: Make sure
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    17 Selecting espresso pour volume/sizeDepending on your taste, select a short, standard or a long espresso pour.• For this press the 'espresso pour volume' button until the desired cup symbol is selected or the desired cup size is indicated on the display.
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    18 Note: In the coffee making process, the ground coffee is dampened by a small amount of water. Known as pre-infusion, this helps in achieving maximum extraction of oils from the coffee grinds. Following a short pause, the actual brewing process commences.Note:
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    19 Secrets to the perfect cup With a Sunbeam pump espresso machine and a little experience, you can create café quality coffee at home. As there are a number of possibilities for making coffee to meet your personal taste, following are a few helpful suggestions:•
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    20 The steam can be used for texturing/frothing milk or for heating liquids. As the temperature for generating steam must be higher than for making coffee, the espresso machine is equipped with an additional steam mode.Important: There is risk of scalding
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    21 • Swing the steam nozzle out to the side of the machine and hold the jug under the steam nozzle so that the nozzle opening is completely immersed in the milk. Turn the ‘steam/hot water’ switch up to activate the steam and commence frothing the milk. See
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    22 Milk texturing is the steaming of milk to heat it and to create froth. Similar to making an espresso, perfecting the art of milk texturing takes time and practice.• Use fresh, cold milk and fill a stainless steel frothing jug to no more than ¹/³ full.
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    23 The hot water function can be used for making tea, hot chocolate or other hot water drinks such as instant soups.Important: There is risk of scalding when the steam nozzle is in use. Hot water or hot steam can cause scalding. Only use the steam nozzle
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    24 Programming the espresso pour volume The Sunbeam Intuitive Digital is set to standard coffee pour volumes. These volumes can be individually adjusted to your taste and stored for each cup size. Changing and saving the coffee pour volume and the coffee
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    25 Programming the espresso pour volume (continued) Note: When you save the espresso pour volume in coffee bean mode, firstly the grinder starts and grinds the coffee. Keep the “OK” button pressed until the desired espresso pour volume is reached.• Release
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    26 Important: Only adjust the fineness of the grind during the grinding process. Adjustments of the grind while not in use may cause damage to the espresso machine. Setting the fineness of the grind• With a cup placed under the espresso pour spout, press
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    27 • Replace the grinding ring.• Slide the ‘grinding mechanism release’ button to the front in the direction of the grinding mechanism. Hold this position and turn the ‘coffee grind’ lever anti- clockwise to the desired grind setting. • Replace the ‘coffee
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    28 Menu settings Setting languageYou can select between several languages. The factory setting is <<ENGLISH>>. You can change this setting as follows:• Press the “MENU” button, see figure 40. The menu setting <<LANGUAGE>> appears.
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    29 Menu settings (continued) • Where necessary select a different temperature using the scrolling buttons ▼ or ▼ . • When the desired temperature is displayed, confirm it with the “OK” key. This temperature is now programmed. Note: After programming the
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    30 • To return to the coffee mode, press the “MENU” button or wait 30 seconds for the espresso machine to return automatically to the coffee mode. Resetting the espresso machine to the factory setting (Reset)This function is used to reset changes you have
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    Note: When the espresso machine is turned on it will go through an Auto Clean cycle. This removes any old coffee grinds from the coffee brewing unit.The coffee making process involves extracting oils out of coffee grinds to make espresso coffee. Deposits
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    32 Cleaning the grinder• Switch the espresso machine off by pressing the ‘POWER’ button and unplug the power cord from the power outlet. • Turn the ‘coffee bean hopper’ to the position marked ‘HOPPER RELEASE’ and take it off. See figure 43. • Remove any
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    33 We recommend that you clean the brewing unit (depending on intensity of use) regularly, however at the very latest, before the cleaning program is started. If your espresso machine is left unused for long periods of time (e.g. holidays), it is necessary
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    34 • Dry the coffee brewing unit and turn the service lever upwards again as far as it will go. The ejection lever folds back again and the brewing unit closes. See figure 55. Inserting the coffee brewing unit• Re-insert the coffee brewing unit as follows:
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    35 Cleaning the coffee brewing unit (continued) Figure 54 Figure 57 Figure 55 Figure 56 1 2 3
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    The cleaning program allows complete removal of coffee oils even in areas which are not normally accessible. Start the cleaning program at the latest when you are instructed by the display indication <<CLEANING REQUIRED>>.The cleaning process
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    37 • <<PLACE TABLET IN PRE-GROUND CHUTE >> – press “OK” Place a cleaning tablet in the pre-ground coffee receptacle, see figure 59. Then press the “OK” button.• <<PLEASE WAIT>>The coffee brewing unit is positioned.• <<WASTE
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    The descaling program allows for simple and effective descaling of the espresso machine. Scale is a surface build up of minerals that naturally occur over time in all appliances that are involved with the heating of water.The espresso machine should be descaled
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    • <<PLEASE WAIT>>The coffee brewing unit is positioned.• <<WASTE CONTAINER UNDER STEAM WAND>> – press “OK” Remove and empty the coffee waste container. Place the emptied coffee waste container under the steam wand, see figure 62.
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    40 Turn the selection dial for the steam and hot water functions back to the off position.• <<EMPTY WASTE CONTAINER>> – Press “OK” Empty the coffee waste container and replace it in to the espresso machine. Then press the “OK” button.• <<REFILL
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    41 Espresso/coffee is The internal brewing system The first cup is always colder than not hot enough is cold. any following cups as the brewing unit has to warm up. Heat the brewing unit by running the 8 minute cleaning program without using the cleaning
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    Heading PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE WHAT TO DO No espresso/coffee, Foreign matter is caught in the Turn the machine off and remove only water is running grinding mechanism stopping the hopper. Clean away any coffee out the beans from moving through beans in and
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    Heading PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE WHAT TO DO The coffee brewing unit has Ensure that when the hopper is not adjusted correctly and moved to the pre-ground coffee remains closed, therefore the position that prior to adding the coffee falls beside. coffee you
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    Heading Not enough froth when Frothing jug. For best texturing results use a texturing the milk stainless steel jug and if possible refrigerate or run the jug under cold water before use. During the texturing process Start again with fresh, chilled milk.
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    Heading ESPRESSO (SHORT BLACK)Espresso is a concentrated, full bodied coffee with a stable layer of cream on top – known as ‘crema’. An espresso is the foundation of all café coffee. Variations are achieved by adding different amounts of milk and froth.•
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    Heading CAFFE LATTEAn espresso with steamed milk, typically served in a glass. The layer of frothed milk on top should be 10mm to seal the coffee. • 220mL glass or cup• single or double espresso• steamed milk CAPPUCCINOThis delicious drink is an espresso
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    ‘Sunbeam’ is a registered trademark of Sunbeam Corporation. Sunbeam Intuitive Digital is a trademark of Sunbeam Corporation. Made in China. Engineered in Australia. Due to minor changes in design or otherwise, the product may differ from the one shown in
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    Consumer Hotline Australia 1800 025 059 New Zealand 0800 786 232 is a registered Trademark of Sunbeam Corporation Limited. ACN 000 006 771. © Sunbeam Corporation Limited 2006.

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