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Overview of the Function Menu

Chapter 11

Function Menu


Chapter 11

Function Menu

11-1-2 Using the Function Menu

To change a menu item setting

To change a menu item setting, press the
corresponding function button (F1 to F6) to display the
desired setting in the lower part of the menu display.
Each press of the button displays the next setting.

When a menu item setting flashes

Menu item settings flash to inform you that you can
change the setting value by rotating the MULTI

To change the function menu page

Press either of the page buttons (V, v).
• The V button selects the next page in the order


t 1 t 2 t 3 t 4 t 5 t 6 t HOME...

• The v button selects the next page in the order


t 6 t 5 t 4 t 3 t 2 t 1 t HOME...

With one of menu pages 1 to 6 displayed, pressing the
HOME button changes the page to the HOME page.
Pressing the HOME button when the HOME or
HOME2 page is displayed changes the page to
HOME2 or HOME, respectively.

Settings which do not appear in the menu
display section

In the HOME page (see the figure in Section 11-1-1
“Function Menu Configuration”)
, the settings for F5
(MENU) and F6 (TCGSET) do not appear in the menu
display. When you press the F5 or F6 button, the
whole menu page changes to allow you to set these

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