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Chapter 3


Chapter 3





The principal setup operations before operating this
unit can be carried out using setup menus.
The setup menus of this unit comprise a basic setup
menu and an extended setup menu. The contents of
these menus are as follows.

Basic setup menu:
• Items relating to the hours meter
• Items relating to operation
• Items relating to menu banks

Extended setup menu:
• Items relating to control panels
• Items relating to the remote control interface
• Items relating to editing operations
• Items relating to preroll
• Items relating to tape protection
• Items relating to the time code generator
• Items relating to video control
• Items relating to audio control
• Items relating to digital processing

For detailed information about the items, except for the
basic setup menu items relating to the hours meter, of these
menus and how to use them, see Chapter 12 “Setup Menus”.
For detailed information about menu operations relating to
the hours meter, see Section 14-5-1 “Digital Hours
Meter”(page 14-5).

This unit allows menu settings to be saved in what are
termed “menu banks.” Saved sets of menu settings can
be recalled for use as required.

For more information about the menu banks, see the section
“Menu bank operations (menu items B01 to B13)” (page
12-4) .

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