3 shot mark operations, 3-1 reading shot marks, 3-2 writing shot marks – Sony DVW-2000 User Manual

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Chapter 6

Shot Mark Function

Chapter 6

Shot Mark Function



Shot Mark Operations

This section describes the operations concerning
reading and writing shot marks. Note that the
following operations cannot be carried out by remote

6-3-1 Reading Shot Marks

To read in shot marks

With a cassette loaded, hold down the LIST button and
press the F FWD or REW button.

While the shot marks are being read in, the F FWD or
REW button flashes.
The unit searches to the end of the tape, then rewinds

For the procedure for listing the shot marks read in, see
page 6-4.


It is only possible to read in a maximum of 200 shot
When 200 shot marks have been read in, the control
panel display shows the message “S-LIST FULL”, and
the reading stops.
To cancel the message, press one of the tape transport

To stop reading

Press the STOP button.

Reading shot marks from more than one

After changing the cassettes, carry out the reading
operation again.
Data written in the new cassette will be added as long
as the total does not exceed 200 shot marks. For
example, if 190 shot marks have already read in, only
10 shot marks will be read from the new tape.
In the shot mark list (see page 6-5) the data from
different cassettes is separated by a row of dashes.

6-3-2 Writing Shot Marks

Writing recording start marks during

In item G03 of the shot mark operation menu (page
, for each of the three recording modes (crash
recording, assemble editing, and insert editing), select
whether or not to write recording start mark.
When you set a particular mode to “ON”, a recording
start mark is written on the tape each time you start
recording in that mode.


For insert mode, press the TC button to turn the
indicator on.

Writing shot mark 1, shot mark 2, or post

Selecting the type of shot mark written
In item G04 of the shot mark operation menu (page
, select one of shot mark 1, shot mark 2, and post


If any of the settings (to write a recording start mark)
in item G03 of the shot mark operation menu are set to
“ON,” then for 20 frames from each recording,
assemble editing, or insert editing start, the user bits
are overwritten with the shot mark data.


LIST button

F FWD button

REW button

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