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Cancelling a set alarm

You can deactivate an alarm without deleting its setting.


On the clock screen, tap the Set Alarm icon of the alarm
you wish to cancel.

The Set Alarm screen for that alarm appears.


Tap the arrow V next to On, and select Off from the drop-
down list.

The alarm will be deactivated while the setting remains.
The deactivated alarms will have no black dots in their circle.


If you select Off for Alarm Sound/Vibrate Alarm/LED Alarm in the General
Preferences screen, the sound/vibration/LED of the alarm will be deactivated even
if you have selected Alarm On here.

Stopping the alarm

When the alarm goes off, a dialog screen appears.
To turn off the alarm and close the screen, tap OK. To have the alarm stop
and go off again after a few minutes, tap Snooze.

If you do not turn off the alarm

The alarm goes off again according to what you set for Remind Me in step 9
on page 9.

If you tap Snooze

An alarm goes off approximately every 5 minutes until you stop the alarm.

Using the World Alarm Clock

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