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Using the World Alarm Clock

Viewing world time


On the Application Launcher screen, rotate the Jog Dial

navigator to select WA Clock and then press the Jog Dial
navigator. Or, tap the WA Clock icon on the Application
Launcher screen.

The World Alarm Clock application starts and the clock screen is

Elements of the clock screen


The World Alarm Clock application displays the time according to the time setting for
the CLIÉ handheld. Make sure you set the correct date and time in the CLIÉ handheld’s
Date & Time Preferences screen. For details, refer to Chapter 5 of the Operating
Instructions manual.

The clock with the time
and date of your present
time zone (all of which you
set for your CLIÉ handheld)

Time line with the date

The clock for different time
(To select the time zones
you wish to view here, see
“Selecting other time zones
to be displayed” on page 7.)

Daylight Saving Time


Tap to change the indicated time to
daylight saving time (the shade of
the icon changes). Tap again to
return to former indication.

Set Alarm icon:
If an alarm is set, the
icon will be marked

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