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Connecting Your Equipment



There are several ways of connecting the STB to your existing Audio/TV system.
We recommend using one of the following connection cases for best results:

1. TV only

1. Connect one end of RCA/Cinch cable to the RCA/Cinch jack on the back of

the STB and the other end to a RCA/Cinch jack on your TV.
If your TV doesn’t have a RCA/Cinch jack, connect one end of RF cable to the
TV OUT on the back of the STB and the other end to a RF input jack on your TV.

2. Finally connect the coaxial cable from the LNB to the LNB IN jack on the STB.

2. With Hi Fi System

Connect an RCA/Cinch stereo cable from the AUDIO L, R jacks on the back of
the STB to the LINE, AUX, SPARE OR EXTRA input jacks on your Hi Fi System.

(To RCA/Cinch on your TV)

(If your TV does’nt have

a RCA/Cinch Jack)

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