Sharp XG-F315X User Manual

Page 13

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Caution regarding usage of the projector

■ If you are not to use the projector for a long

time or before moving the projector, make
certain you unplug the power cord from the
wall outlet, and disconnect any other cables
connected to it.

■ If the power cord is unplugged while the

cooling fan is running, some parts of the
projector may still be hot. Use caution when
handling the projector.

■ Do not carry the projector by holding the lens.

■ When storing the projector, ensure you at-

tach the lens cap to the projector. (See page



■ Do not expose the projector to direct sunlight

or place next to heat sources. Doing so may
affect the cabinet color or cause deformation
of the plastic cover.

Other connected equipment

■ When connecting a computer or other audio-

visual equipment to the projector, make the
connections AFTER unplugging the power
cord of the projector from the AC outlet and
turning off the equipment to be connected.

■ Please read the operation manuals of the pro-

jector and the equipment to be connected for
instructions on how to make the connections.

Using the projector in other countries

■ The power supply voltage and the shape of

the plug may vary depending on the region
or country you are using the projector in.
When using the projector overseas, make
sure you use an appropriate power cord for
the country you are in.

Temperature monitor function

■ If the projector starts to overheat due to setup

problems or blockage of the air vents, “

” and

” will illuminate in the lower left corner

of the picture. If the temperature continues to
rise, the lamp will turn off, the temperature warn-
ing indicator on the projector will blink, and after
a 60-second cooling-off period the projector will
enter standby mode. Refer to “Maintenance In-
dicators” on page


for details.


• The cooling fan regulates the internal tem-

perature, and its performance is automatically
controlled. The sound of the fan may change
during projector operation due to changes in
the fan speed. This does not indicate

• Even if you unplug the power cord after

projector operation, the cooling fan continues
to run for a while.