Kyocera Ecosys Printer FS-C5100DN User Manual

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Maintenance 4-3


Toner Kits

For best results, we recommend that you only use genuine Kyocera Parts
and Supplies. Should any damage be caused by the application of a toner
other than the original Kyocera Mita toner, then this damage is excluded
from the guarantee.

The toner kits are supplied in 4 different colors: cyan, magenta, yellow
and black.

A new toner kit for each color contains the following items:

• Toner Container

• Plastic waste bags for old toner container and old waste toner box

• Waste Toner Box

• Installation Guide

Understanding Messages Requesting Toner Container

The printer displays messages for individual colors at two stages of toner
usage. This message is automatically alternated with the other printer
message (such as Ready):

• When the printer becomes low on toner, for example in the cyan

container, the printer displays the message Toner low C as the first
caution. Note the replacement is not always necessary at this stage.

• If you ignore the above message and continue printing, the printer

displays the message Replace toner — just before the toner is
used up. The toner container must be replaced immediately. Clean
the separate charger wires, etc. After the cleaning is finished,
however, the message does not automatically change to Ready. To
restart printing, you must press [GO] and make the printer ready.

In either case, replace the toner container, refer to Toner Container
Replacement on page 3-2

Toner Color

Life of the Toner Container (Printable pages)


12,000 images


10,000 images


10,000 images


10,000 images

Note The toner containers packed with the new printer are
starter toner containers. The starter toner container prints up to
50 % of the printer's capacity before running out (For example:
FS-C5200DN can print 3,500 monochrome images using the
black starter toner container).

Note Do not remove the toner container from the carton until you
are ready to install it in the printer.

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