Auxiliary function, Headphone jack, Using microphone – LG LFD750 User Manual

Page 9: Ipod connection, Installation and setup

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Installation and Setup

Auxiliary Function

Connect an auxiliary device such as a TV or VCR via
the rear mounted AUX connector and press AUX [Refer
to the example image(1) shown below].
When you connect each end of the bundled portable in
cable with both the AUX connector and the headphone
jack of a portable device (like MP3 player, cassette tape
player, CD player, etc.), you can hear the sound of the
device through the speakers [Refer to the example
image(2) shown below].

Turn the unit off and then connect an auxiliary device
before you connect an auxiliary device.
Because it may be made a noise.

Headphone Jack

Connect a stereo headphone plug ( 3.5mm) into the
headphone jack.

The speakers are automatically disconnected when you
plug in the headphones (not supplied).

To Adjust ECHO Volume

You can give an echo effect to the sound from the

Press ECHO VOL. (


) on the Remote Control to

increase the echo volume or decrease it.
(MIN,1 - 14, MAX steps)

Using Microphone

You can sing to a music source by connecting a
microphone to the unit.

1. Connect your microphone to the MIC1/ MIC 2


” will be shown in the display window.

2. Play a music you want.

3. Sing along with the accompaniment.

Adjust the microphone volume by pressing MIC
button.(MIN,1 - 14, MAX steps)

• When not using the microphone, set the MIC VOL. to

minimum or turn off the MICs and remove the
microphone from the MIC Jacks.

• If the microphone is set too near the speaker, a

howling sound may be produced. In this case, move
the microphone away from the speaker or decrease
the sound level by using MIC VOL..

• If sound through the microphone is extremely loud, it

may be distorted. In this case, decrese MIC volume.

iPod connection

Connect the iPod connector on the rear of the unit to
the dock connector of iPod using an iPod cable (I).


Depending on the type of iPod, you may need to
insert one of the dock adapters into the dock slot
before you station your iPod.
Adjust the volume to a moderate level before you
connect your iPod and this unit.

Auxiliary Device

To AUDIO out

Portable in cable


Example (1)

Example (2)

Portable Device