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MCDD0012301 (1.0)



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    Quick Start Guide MCDD0012301 (1.0) G
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    Left Soft Key Earpiece Picture & Video Volume Up/Down Headset Jack Get It Now OK Key RightSoft Key Clear & Back Key Speakerphone Key* Voicemail Key Charging Port Vibrate Mode Key MobileWeb microSD ™ Port (supports up to 4GB) Speaker FRONT & LEFT
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    Touch Keypad • Touch the exact key with your fingertip.• It’s not necessary to press hard. A light tap will do. Keypad Settings The touch keypad’s sensitivity level is set at mediumby default and can be adjusted by going to:Menu > Settings & Tools
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    Key Guard The touch keypad and navigation wheel are automatically locked when: • The slide is closed.• The phone is inactive for 17 sec. (default) or 25 sec. (if display backlight is set at 15 sec.). Unlocking the Touch Keypad & Navigation Wheel • Slide
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    *Refer to the Music Essentials Kit (sold separately) and Quick Reference Guide for more details. 1. Shop the Catalog Using V CAST Music Press the Music Key (located on the right sideof the phone). Then tap the Left Soft Key(Shop) to download new music. Choose
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    Playing Music Transform your wireless phone into a portablemusic player. You can listen to music in the back-ground while doing other activities with your phone.You can even pause the music to take a call. 1. Press the Music Key (located on the right side
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    1. Press the OK Key twice, select Playlists (2). 2. Tap the Left Soft Key (Create) to create a playlist. 3. Enter a playlist name and press the OK Key. 4. Tap the Right Soft Key (Options), and select Add Songs to Playlist (4) . 5. Press the OK Key to mark
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    Making & Answering Calls Making Calls 1. Open the slide. Press and hold the End Key for 3 seconds to turn the phone on. 2. Enter phone number and press Send. 3. Press the End Key to end the call or close the slide.* Tip: To make a call with the phone
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    Bluetooth ® Pairing 1. Set your Bluetooth accessory into pairing mode. 2. Press the OK Key, select Settings & Tools (6). 3. Select Bluetooth Menu (3), then Add New Device (1). 4. If Bluetooth is set to off, select Yes when prompted to turn it on. 5.
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    Taking a Picture/Recording a Video 1. To activate camera mode: With the slide open, press the Camera/Video Key. To activate video mode: With the slide open, press and hold the Camera/Video Key for 2 seconds. 2. Press left or right on the navigation wheel
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    Changing the Display Theme 1. Press the OK Key, select Settings & Tools (6). 2. Select Display Settings (5), then Display Themes (4). 3. Select Classic, Rhythm & Blues, or Rock & Roll. Changing the Clip Board Theme Clip Board is a fun feature
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    Optional Accessories ©2007 LG Electronics, Inc. All rights reserved. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. All phone images are simulated.The Bluetooth ® trademark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such

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