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libpng versions 0.89, June 1996, through 0.96, May 1997, are Copyright © 1996, 1997 Andreas Dilger Distributed according to the same disclaimer and license as libpng-
0.88, with the following individuals added to the list of Contributing Authors:

John Bowler
Kevin Bracey
Sam Bushell
Magnus Holmgren
Greg Roelofs
Tom Tanner

libpng versions 0.5, May 1995, through 0.88, January 1996, are Copyright © 1995, 1996 Guy Eric Schalnat, Group 42, Inc.
For the purposes of this copyright and license, "Contributing Authors" is defined as the following set of individuals:

Andreas Dilger
Dave Martindale
Guy Eric Schalnat
Paul Schmidt
Tim Wegner

The PNG Reference Library is supplied "AS IS". The Contributing Authors and Group 42, Inc. disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation,
the warranties of merchantability and of fitness for any purpose. The Contributing Authors and Group 42, Inc. assume no liability for direct, indirect, incidental, special,
exemplary, or consequential damages, which may result from the use of the PNG Reference Library, even if advised of the possibility of such damage.
Permission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify, and distribute this source code, or portions hereof, for any purpose, without fee, subject to the following restrictions:

The origin of this source code must not be misrepresented.


Altered versions must be plainly marked as such and must not be misrepresented as being the original source.


This Copyright notice may not be removed or altered from any source or altered source distribution.

The Contributing Authors and Group 42, Inc. specifically permit, without fee, and encourage the use of this source code as a component to supporting the PNG file format
in commercial products. If you use this source code in a product, acknowledgment is not required but would be appreciated.
A "png_get_copyright" function is available, for convenient use in "about" boxes and the like: printf("%s",png_get_copyright(NULL));Also, the PNG logo (in PNG format, of
course) is supplied in the files "pngbar.png" and "pngbar.jpg (88x31) and "pngnow.png" (98x31).
Libpng is OSI Certified Open Source Software. OSI Certified Open Source is a certification mark of the Open Source Initiative.

Glenn Randers-Pehrson
glennrp at


The Independent JPEG Group's JPEG software
README for release 6b of 27-Mar-1998
This distribution contains the sixth public release of the Independent JPEG Group's free JPEG software. You are welcome to redistribute this software and to use it for any
purpose, subject to the conditions under LEGAL ISSUES, below.
Serious users of this software (particularly those incorporating it into larger programs) should contact IJG at to be added to our electronic mailing
list. Mailing list members are notified of updates and have a chance to participate in technical discussions, etc.
This software is the work of Tom Lane, Philip Gladstone, Jim Boucher, Lee Crocker, Julian Minguillon, Luis Ortiz, George Phillips, Davide Rossi, Guido Vollbeding, Ge'
Weijers, and other members of the Independent JPEG Group.
IJG is not affiliated with the official ISO JPEG standards committee.
This file contains the following sections:

General description of JPEG and the IJG software.


Copyright, lack of warranty, terms of distribution.


Where to learn more about JPEG.


Where to find newer versions of this software.


Other stuff you should get.


Software *not* to get.


Plans for future IJG releases.

Other documentation files in the distribution are:
User documentation:

install.doc How



and install the IJG software.


Usage instructions for cjpeg, djpeg, jpegtran, rdjpgcom, and wrjpgcom.

*.1 Unix-style man pages for programs (same info as usage.doc).

Advanced usage instructions for JPEG wizards only.


Version-to-version change highlights.

Programmer and internal documentation:


How to use the JPEG library in your own programs.


Sample code for calling the JPEG library.


Overview of the JPEG library's internal structure.


Road map of IJG files.


Coding style rules --- please read if you contribute code.

Please read at least the files install.doc and usage.doc. Useful information can also be found in the JPEG FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) article. See ARCHIVE
LOCATIONS below to find out where to obtain the FAQ article.
If you want to understand how the JPEG code works, we suggest reading one or more of the REFERENCES, then looking at the documentation files (in roughly the order
listed) before diving into the code.
This package contains C software to implement JPEG image compression and decompression. JPEG (pronounced "jay-peg") is a standardized compression method for
full-color and gray-scale images. JPEG is intended for compressing real-world scenes; line drawings, cartoons and other non-realistic images are not its strong suit. JPEG
is lossy, meaning that the output image is not exactly identical to the input image. Hence you must not use JPEG if you have to have identical output bits. However, on
typical photographic images, very good compression levels can be obtained with no visible change, and remarkably high compression levels are possible if you can tolerate
a low-quality image. For more details, see the references, or just experiment with various compression settings.
This software implements JPEG baseline, extended-sequential, and progressive compression processes. Provision is made for supporting all variants of these processes,
although some uncommon parameter settings aren't implemented yet. For legal reasons, we are not distributing code for the arithmetic-coding variants of JPEG; see
LEGAL ISSUES. We have made no provision for supporting the hierarchical or lossless processes defined in the standard.
We provide a set of library routines for reading and writing JPEG image files, plus two sample applications "cjpeg" and "djpeg", which use the library to perform conversion
between JPEG and some other popular image file formats. The library is intended to be reused in other applications. 64 ページ 2008年7月15日 火曜日 午後2時51分