Pfaff 4 User Manual

Features and benefits creative™ 4.0, The moment it becomes possible, Embroidery features

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creative 4.0

Large embroidery area





sewing and embroidery machine

features a large embroidery area

- up to 260 x 200 mm for your

unique, personal creations.

Cut Jump StitCheS in embroidery

The machine will trim the top jump stitches and pull the

thread end to the underside of the fabric as you embroider. It will save you time trimming after

the embroidery is completed.

preCiSe poSitioning

Place every embroidery design exactly where you want it.

Combine designs and elements to create embroideries of unlimited size quickly and easily.

aLL StitCheS Can be Sewn in the embroidery hoop

to create unique embroidery designs.

embroidery StitCh editor

Adjust sequences and stitches for truly creative borders and for

beautiful unique embellishments.

embroidery deSign SCaLing

Increase or decrease the original design up to 20% for different

weights of thread.

Change embroidery CoLorS

Change the thread colors in the embroidery on the PFAFF


HD screen and see your embroidery in 3D view.

eStimated embroidery time iS Shown




4.0 sewing and embroidery

machine automatically shows an estimation of the embroidery time for the current color block

so you know how long it takes to embroider.

muLti-SeLeCt deSignS

Select one, several or all designs on the PFAFF


HD screen in embroidery

to move or adjust the designs. They don’t even have to be in order.

Jump to StitCh

Enter the stitch number to jump to a specific stitch in embroidery.

autoSave Current State

Set to periodically save embroidery stitch number and position plus

automatically saves personalized adjustments to continue your embroidery later.

Save Current State

Lets you stop at any stitch in your embroidery and save all settings.

Features and Benefits creative™ 4.0

The moment it becomes possible.

Embroidery features

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