Pioneer AL600 User Manual

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Foot Plate

This part of the
J-Bolt must
face toward the
front of the

This part of the leg
assembly must

face toward the
rear of the vehicle.

J-Bolt Bracket: These parts
must face toward the rear of
the vehicle. Secure the J-
Bolts into the 3rd row seat
attachment points.

Leg Assembly

Hold Down Rod

Hold Down Brackets

Installing the Leg Assembly: Place the leg assembly into
the vehicle. Orientate the leg assembly as shown in the
drawing to the right. Hook both of the J-Bolts into the third
row seat attachment points. Verify that the leg assembly is
centered from side to side within the vehicle. Tighten the
nuts on the J-bolts until the assembly is firmly attached to the
vehicle. At this time the foot plate should be placed in the
vehicle near the rear opening. This will support the two
rearmost feet of the lift and

keep the feet from pressing into

the floor pan of the vehicle.

Placing the lift into the vehicle: Pick up the lift and place it
into the vehicle’s cargo area. This operation will require two
people to perform. Take care during this operation not to
scratch the vehicle’s interior. Position the lift such that it
will be one inch inside of the rear door. Verify this by
closing the rear door and inspecting the fit from inside of the

If your vehicle has a lip at the rear door you will need to
use the adjustable feet to raise the entire lift so that all of
its moving parts will clear the door lip.

Use a wrench to extend the adjustable feet until the lift’s
middle stage will clear the door lip and door latch by 0.5”.

Leveling the lift:
The floor in some vehicles is not level.
To level the lift start by parking the vehicle on level ground.
Use a carpenter’s level to verify the lift is level. If it is not,
adjust the four feet until the lift is level.

Attaching the lift into the vehicle: The leg assembly has
two sets of large holes in its upper surface. When installing
a Pioneer for use with a scooter, select the holes that will
offset the lift to the driver’s side of the vehicle. When
installing the Pioneer for use with a power chair, select the
holes that will offset the lift to the passenger's side of the
vehicle. Insert both hold down rods into the holes in the Leg
Assembly. If needed you may slide the hold down brackets
along the lifts body so that the hold down rods line up with
the holes in the top of the leg assembly. Crossbolt the hold
down rods in place with the supplied hardware. Tighten the
5/8” nuts on the hold down rods, until the lift is attached
securely to the vehicle.

Caution: Do not remove the hold down brackets and
reattach them on the opposite side of the Platform Keeper.

Installing in Vehicles with a Removable Third Row Seat

Middle Stage

Rear Door Lip

Adjustable Feet

Foot Plate











Install the 4 Leveling Pads from
the hardware pack at this time.
Each Pad will thread into the
underside of the base at
each corner. Leveling
adjustment can be after
the lift has been installed.

Preparing the vehicle’s cargo area: Most mini vans, vans
and some S.U.V.s have a removable third row seat.
Forinstallations in these vehicles,
remove this seat. If your vehicle
does not have a removable
third row seat, see the
next page for instructions.