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After-Sale Service (Repair )


Consult to a dealer from whom you have purchased the product for details of repair.
When the product is incorporated to the machine or equipment you have purchased, consult
to the manufacture or the dealer of the machine or equipment.

Cautions for Proper Use

• This product is intended to be used with a general industrial product, but not designed or manu-

factured to be used in a machine or system that may cause personal death when it is failed.

• Install a safety equipments or apparatus in your application, when a serious accident or loss

of property is expected due to the failure of this product.

• Consult us if the application of this product is under such special conditions and environ-

ments as nuclear energy control, aerospace, transportation, medical equipment, various
safety equipments or equipments which require a lesser air contamination.

• We have been making the best effort to ensure the highest quality of the products, however,

application of exceptionally larger external noise disturbance and static electricity, or failure
in input power, wiring and components may result in unexpected action. It is highly recom-
mended that you make a fail-safe design and secure the safety in the operative range.

• If the motor shaft is not electrically grounded, it may cause an electrolytic corrosion to the

bearing, depending on the condition of the machine and its mounting environment, and may
result in the bearing noise. Checking and verification by customer is required.

• Failure of this product depending on its content, may generate smoke of about one cigarette.

Take this into consideration when the application of the machine is clean room related.

• Please be careful when using in an environment with high concentrations of sulphur or sulphuric

gases, as sulphuration can lead to disconnection from the chip resistor or a poor contact connection.

• Take care to avoid inputting a supply voltage which significantly exceeds the rated range to

the power supply of this product. Failure to heed this caution may result in damage to the
internal parts, causing smoking and/or a fire and other trouble.

Electric Data

Electric data of this product (Instruction Manual, CAD data) can be downloaded from the
following web site.

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