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Page 55: Guidance values of gains, and how to adjust

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Position loop gain

P r 1 0

1 0 0

5 0

5 0

M a c h i n e

Ball screw

Timing belt

Rack & pinion

Velocity loop gain

P r 1 1

5 0

2 5

2 5

Velocity loop integration time constant

P r 1 2

5 0

5 0

2 0 0 Å ` 5 0 0




How to Adjust Gain Manually

B e f o r e A d j u s t m e n t

You may adjust the gains by viewing or hearing the motions and sound of the machine
during operation. But, to adjust the gains more quickly and precisely, you can obtain
quicker and secure adjustment by analog wave form monitoring.

1. Wave form graphic function of PANATERM “

You can view the graphic information of the command to the motor, actual motor

action (speed, torque and position error) on the computer display screen.

For details, see the instructions of PANATERM “.

2. Using the analogue monitor output

Y o u c a n m e a s u r e t h e a c t u a l m o t o r
speed,commanded speed,torque, position er-
r o r i n a n a l o g v o l t a g e l e v e l w i t h a n
o s c i l l o s c o p e . T o d o t h i s , i t i s n e c e s s a r y t o
specify the types of output signals and out-
p u t v o l t a g e l e v e l b y u s i n g P r 0 7 ( V e l o c i t y
m o n i t o r s e l e c t i o n ) , P r 0 8 ( T o r q u e m o n i t o r
For details, see "CN MON Connector" in the
main part of this manual, and "Details of Pa-
rameters" in Appendix.

Guidance Values of Gains, and How to Adjust

See the table below for the guidance values of gains, if the inertia ratio has been set correctly.

How to adjust

1) Adjust the velocity loop gain Pr11.

2) Take "Position loop gain Pr10 set-up value ÅÖ 2 x Velocity loop gain Pr11 set-up value" as a guid-

ance value of stable operation.

3) Set-up of "Position loop gain Pr10 set-up value > 5 x Velocity loop gain Pr11 set-up value" will

lead to hunting and oscillation.


Set-up of current loop gain for adjustment by customers is unavailable.

Values are fixed to those set up before shipment by motor model.

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