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Protective Functions

What are the Protective Functions?

The amplifier has various protective functions. When one of the protections is activated, the motor

trips according to the timing chart shown in "Error Handling" in Appendix, and the Servo Alarm

Output (ALM) is turned off.

Actions to be taken after trip events

• After a trip event, the status LED (STATUS) on the front panel will be turned in red, and the alarm

code LED display (ALM CODE) will start flashing. No servo-ON occurs.

For meaning of flashing of alarm code LED, see page 49.

• Any trip status can be cleared by keeping A-CLR (Alarm Clear Input) on for at least 120 ms.

• The overload protection can be cleared by A-CLR at least 10 seconds after the occurrence of the

event. If the main power supply of amplifier turns off, the time limiting operation is cleared.

• The alarms mentioned above can also be cleared by using PANATERM


< N o t e s >

Protections marked with * cannot be cleared with A-CLR (Alarm Clear Input). They should be

cleared by turning the power off, removing the causes, and then turning the power on again.

Alarms of undervoltage protection (Alarm Code No. 11), EEPROM parameter error protection

(Alarm Code No. 36), EEPROM check code error protection (Alarm Code No. 37) and drive

inhibit input protection (Alarm Code No. 38) are not stored in the Alarm History.

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