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Page 75: Dynamic brake, Timing chart, Allowable loads on output axes, Homing operation (precautions), Details of parameters, Optional parts, Recommended parts

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Conform to EC Directives and UL Standards

App. 2

Holding brake

App. 6

Dynamic brake

App. 8

Timing chart

App. 10

Allowable loads on output axes

App. 14

Homing operation (Precautions)

App. 15

Details of Parameters

App. 16

Optional Parts

(Amplifier power connection connector kit, encoder relay cable, motor replay

cable, motor brake relay cable, monitor connector, motor encoder con-

nection connector kit, controller connection connector kit, connector con-

nection interface cable, communication cable, communication control soft-


], external regenerative discharge resistor, reactor)

App. 38

Recommended Parts

• Surge absorber for motor brake

App. 47

• List of peripheral equipment manufacturers

App. 47

Outer Views and Dimensions

• Motor

App. 48

• Amplifier

App. 50


• Overload protection: time-related characteristics

App. 53


• Gain switching conditions for each control mode App. 54

• Block diagrams

App. 56

• Specifications of amplifier

App. 58




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