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- App. 8 -

Dynamic Brake (DB)

The amplifier has a dynamic brake for emergency use. Observe the following precautions.


1. The dynamic brake should be used for emergency stop only.

2. The dynamic brake should be on for just a short time for emergency. If the dynamic brake is activated during

a high-speed operation, leave the motor stopped for at least three minutes.

The dynamic brake can be used in the following cases.

1) Servo-OFF

2) One of the protective functions is activated.

3) Over-travel Inhibit (CWL or CCWL) is activated.

In any of three cases above, the dynamic brake can be activated either during deceleration or after

stop, or can be made disabled (i.e. allowing the free running of the motor). These features can be set

by using the relevant parameters.

However, if the main power is OFF, the dynamic brake is kept ON.

Do not start or stop the motor by switching servo-on signal on or off.
Otherwise, dynamic brake circuit may be broken.

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