Pioneer DVR-S201 User Manual

Using prassi software with the dvr-s201 drive

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Using Prassi Software with the DVR-S201 Drive

The enclosed disk contains data to assist the Prassi Software to create DVD discs using the Pioneer DVR-S201

drive. Note that this procedure is required for the initial installation only and need not be repeated before each

use of the system.

Additional air filters have been included in this shipment. Replace filters as needed.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions listed below. Pioneer recommends that the data to be burned be

transferred to your hard drive before the process begins.

Data on Source >>>

Transfer data to hard disc drive >>>

Write data to DVR-S201

Recommended flow for creating a DVD disc

To Copy or Stage the Data


Copy the Prassi DVD Rep 2.0 program from the floppy disc to your hard drive.


Launch the Prassi DVD Rep 2.0 program.


Select Disc Copy from the program window.


Recorder: (blank disc with general disc information should be visible in the field)


From: (select Source from drop down menu).


Click on File then Record from the main menu bar
Or click on the Red dot shown on the program menu bar.


Verify that Test Only is selected before clicking on OK.


Confirm that the test copy is successful (wait for the Test Ok message).


Begin recording.

To Create a Universal Disc Format (UDF) file


Select UDF Premastering from the program window.


Recorder: (select from the drop-down menu).


Type in a Volume Name that is appropriate for your data.


Click on Edit from the main menu bar.


Click on Add from the main menu bar.