Chapter 1 introduction, 0 scope of manual, 0 warranty and service support – Nikon RADIUS CM200 User Manual

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Chapter 1



Scope of Manual

This manual is intended for use by service technicians familiar with similar types of equipment. It
contains service information required for the equipment described and is current as of the printing
date. Changes which occur after the printing date may be incorporated by a complete Manual
revision or alternatively as additions.


Warranty and Service Support

Motorola offers long term support for its products. This support includes full exchange and/or repair
of the product during the warranty period, and service/ repair or spare parts support out of warranty.
Any "return for exchange" or "return for repair" by an authorised Motorola Dealer must be
accompanied by a Warranty Claim Form. Warranty Claim Forms are obtained by contacting an
Authorized Motorola Dealer.


Warranty Period and Return Instructions

The terms and conditions of warranty are defined fully in the Motorola Dealer or Distributor or
Reseller contract. These conditions may change from time to time and the following notes are for
guidance purposes only.

In instances where the product is covered under a "return for replacement" or "return for repair"
warranty, a check of the product should be performed prior to shipping the unit back to Motorola.
This is to ensure that the product has been correctly programmed or has not been subjected to
damage outside the terms of the warranty.

Prior to shipping any radio back to the appropriate Motorola warranty depot, please contact
Customer Resources (Please see page 2 and page 3 in this Chapter). All returns must be
accompanied by a Warranty Claim Form, available from your Customer Services representative.
Products should be shipped back in the original packaging, or correctly packaged to ensure no
damage occurs in transit.


After Warranty Period

After the Warranty period, Motorola continues to support its products in two ways.


Motorola's Radio Products and Services Division (RPSD) offers a repair service to both end users
and dealers at competitive prices.


Radio Products and Services Division (RPSD) supplies individual parts and modules that can be
purchased by dealers who are technically capable of performing fault analysis and repair.

* The Radio Products and Services Division (RPSD) was formerly knows as the Accessories and
Aftermarket Division (AAD)


Before operating or testing these units, please read the Safety Information Section in the
front of this manual.