Protect your film – Nikon LS8000 User Manual

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Protect Your Film

The Digital ICE photo retouch function built into your Nikon scanner can be used to eliminate
the effects of dust, scratches, and surface defects on your film. To ensure the best possible
results and to prevent damage to slides or film, however, be sure to protect your film from dust,
fingerprints, and condensation as described below.

Before inserting film in a holder, remove dirt and dust with a blower
to protect the surface of the film from scratches. Dirt and dust can
also interfere with the operation of the scanner, causing scanning
errors or malfunctions.

Fingerprints can be removed with a soft, dry cloth. Be careful not
to scratch the surface of the film when removing fingerprints.

The film base and emulsion will deteriorate if exposed to high temperatures or
humidity. Use the scanner at the temperature and humidity given in the specifica-
tions (see below).

Sudden changes in temperature and humidity, even when within the limits given in
the specifications, can cause condensation on the film. Before using film, check to
be sure that no condensation is present.

If condensation is present on the film, leave the film out until it dries. Condensation
can cause damage when film is inserted in the scanner.

The operating temperature and humidity for your scanner are:

Temperature: +10 – +35°C (+50 – +95°F)

Humidity: 20 – 60%

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