Instructions for use, Remarks – ARIETE Yogurella Metal 620 User Manual

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the milk into a bowl and add about 175 g natural yogurt or a jarful (C) of yogurt previously

made using YOGURELLA METAL (if you add a teaspoon of milk powder, the end result will be

thicker and creamier).
Mix well for about 1 minute so as to dissolve the yogurt in the milk.

Pour the liquid into the yogurt maker jars (C), place the jars inside the compartment (D) in the ap-

pliance and seal them with their lids (B).
Cover the yogurt maker with its lid (A) and plug the appliance into the power socket. Press the

switch (F) to start the appliance and the light (G) will switch on.
Leave the appliance to operate for about 12 hours (for example, from 8:00 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next


IMPORTANT: During this stage, it is necessary to leave the yogurt maker in a covered

area, without moving it, knocking it or making it shake.


Cold milk: 12 hours.


Warm milk (no more than 35°C): 12 hours.

After the required time, switch off the appliance, pressing the off switch (F) and unplug it from the

mains power. Remove the jars (C) and place them in the fridge; the yogurt will be ready to eat

after about two hours.

To make a smaller amount of yogurt, such as 3 jars, the other 4 have to be filled with

water, otherwise the end results may not be satisfactory.



n the appliance is used for the first time, the yogurt may be too runny, which may depend on

the low level of activity in the culture of the yogurt used. If this occurs, press the off switch (F), then

unplug the appliance and leave it to cool. Start the yogurt maker again and leave it to complete

another cycle, this time for about 6 hours.
If you want to make flavoured yogurt, just add pieces of fruit, jam, or syrups to the finished prod-

Always fill the jars (C) before putting them in the fridge: low air content is a guarantee of longer

yogurt life. Homemade yogurt will last according to the freshness of the main ingredients, the way

in which it is stored and how full the jars are.