Yamaha BLASTER YFS200N User Manual

Page 15

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Always use proper procedures if you stall or roll backwards when climbing a hill. To avoid stalling,

use proper gear and maintain a steady speed when climbing a hill. If you stall or roll backwards, fol-

low the special procedure for braking described in this manual. Dismount on the uphill side or to a

side if pointed straight uphill. Turn the ATV around and remount, following the procedure described

in this manual.


Always check for obstacles before operating in a new area.

Never attempt to operate over large obstacles, such as large rocks or fallen trees. Always follow

proper procedures when operating over obstacles as described in this manual.


Always be careful when skidding or sliding. Learn to safely control skidding or sliding by practicing

at low speeds and on level, smooth terrain. On extremely slippery surfaces, such as ice, go slowly

and be very cautious in order to reduce the chance of skidding or sliding out of control.


Never operate an ATV in fast flowing water or in water deeper than that recommended in this manu-

al. Remember that wet brakes may have reduced stopping ability. Test your brakes after leaving

water. If necessary, apply them several times to let friction dry out the linings.


Always use the size and type tires specified in this manual.

Always maintain proper tire pressure as described in this manual.


Never modify an ATV through improper installation or use of accessories.