Yamaha BLASTER YFS200N User Manual

Page 80

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Select a large, flat area off-road to become

familiar with your ATV. Make sure that this area

is free of obstacles and other riders. You should

practice control of the throttle, brakes, shifting

procedures, and turning techniques in this area

before trying more difficult terrain. Always avoid

riding on paved surfaces: the ATV is designed

for off-road use only, and handling maneuvers

are more difficult to perform on pavement.

Set the parking brake and follow the instructions

on page 6-1 to start the engine. Once it has

warmed up you are ready to begin riding your

ATV. As you get on the ATV, be sure not to

accidentally move the shift pedal. Remember

that the engine and exhaust pipe will be hot

when riding and afterwards; do not allow skin or

clothing to come in contact with these compo-


With the engine idling, pull the clutch lever to

disengage the clutch and shift into 1st gear, and

then release the parking brake. Open the throttle

gradually, and at the same time, release the

clutch lever slowly. Once the ATV has attained

adequate speed, release the throttle lever and at

same time, quickly pull in the clutch lever and

shift into 2nd gear. Open the throttle part way

and gradually release the clutch. Use this same

procedure as you move into the higher gears.

Be sure to coordinate the use of the throttle and

shift pedal properly. If the throttle is applied too

abruptly or if the throttle is not released during

shifting, or if the shift pedal is not released

before applying the throttle, the front wheels

may lift off the ground resulting in a loss of direc-

tional control. Avoid higher speeds until you are

thoroughly familiar with the operation of your