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Basic Operation

DME64N/DME24N Owner’s Manual


Basic Operation

By pressing the panel buttons it is possible to select the DME64N/24N Main display, Utility display, and Parameter Edit
displays that allow individual settings to be edited and changed. refer to the pages listed below for more detailed
information about each display.

[HOME] button

Main Display (page 35)

The Main display can be directly recalled from any display other than the Main display by pressing the
[HOME] button. The Main display shows the current scene information.

[HOME] button

User Defined Button Page Selection (page 38)

Pressing the [HOME] button while the Main display is shown sequentially selects the four User Defined
Button pages.

[MUTE] button

Mute Display (page 39)

[LEVEL] button

Output Level Display (page 39)

[SCENE] button

Scene Recall Display (page 39)/Scene Store Display (page 40)

These buttons can be pressed from the Main or Utility displays to directly call the related parameter edit

[MONITOR] button

Monitor Point Selection Display (page 40)

This function is useful for level monitoring. When the button is pressed the monitor point selection display
will appear, and the spectrum analyzer display will appear when a selection has been made.

[UTILITY] button

Utility Display (page 43)

The Utility display appears when the [UTILITY] button is pressed for longer than two seconds while the
Main display is showing.
The Utility display includes a number of pages that can be selected in sequence by repeatedly pressing
the [UTILITY] button.

Panel Operation and Displays





Main display

Switches the pages of the User Defined Button