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Registering this unit on the YAMAHA

You must register this unit on your YAMAHA MCX-2000
so that this unit can be recognized by your YAMAHA
MCX-2000. For details, refer to the operation manual
supplied with your YAMAHA MCX-2000.


Turn off this unit.


Set your YAMAHA MCX-2000 to the “Auto
Config” mode.


Turn on this unit.

• MCX-2000 is added to the server list on the

submenu of PC/MCX.

• The client ID of this unit appears in the OSD of

your YAMAHA MCX-2000 (shown as CL-
XXXXX), and this completes the automatic
configuration procedure.

• The latter part of the client ID of this unit is same as the last 5

digits of the MAC address of this unit. For details about MAC
address, see page 102.

• To clear the registered client ID of this unit, use the “Manual

Config” mode of your YAMAHA MCX-2000 (refer to the
instruction manual of MCX-2000) and then set “N-RESET” in
the advanced setup menu of this unit to “RESET” (see
page 127)

• The client control functions of MusicCAST over this unit other

than “View Play Info”, “Receive PCM Stream” and “Edit Client
title” are not available. Avoid using these functions as it will
stop the playback on this unit.

Use this feature to listen to Internet Radio stations. This
unit uses the vTuner Internet Radio station database
service particularly customized for this unit, providing
over 2000 radio station database. Further, you can store
your favorite stations with bookmarks.

• This service may be discontinued without notice.
• Some Internet Radio stations may not be played even if they are

selected in the NET RADIO menu.

• To listen to the Internet Radio, connect this unit to your network

(see page 30).

• A narrowband Internet connection (i.e. 56K modem, ISDN) will

not provide satisfactory results, and a broadband connection is
strongly recommended (i.e. a cable modem, an xDSL modem,
etc.). For detailed information, consult with your ISP.


• You can use h / s to start/stop playback independently from

the menu on the video monitor.

• “Podcast” is a type of the Internet Radio service, and there are a

number of Podcast services available on the Internet. The
Podcast is not a continuous service. That is, this unit stops
playback when an episode of the Podcast ends.

• Some security devices (such as firewall) may block the access

of this unit to Internet Radio stations. In such cases, configure
the security settings appropriately.

Storing your favorite Internet Radio
stations with bookmarks

Use this feature to select your favorite Internet Radio
stations quickly.

Press and hold TITLE on the remote control while
the selected Internet Radio station service is
being broadcast.

The stored Internet Radio station is added to the
“Bookmarks” list (see page 68).


To remove the stored station from the list, select the item in the
first level of the “Bookmarks” list and then press and hold TITLE
on the remote control.


Using the Internet Radio