Selecting alternate voices (variation), Using the pedals, P. 30 – Yamaha F10 User Manual

Page 30: Operation

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F11/F01 Owner’s Manual



Selecting & Playing Voices

Selecting Alternate Voices (VARIATION)

This feature lets you call up alternate “Variation” voices for each voice, each with its own characteristic sound and effect.
Refer to “Preset Voice List” on page 66 for more information on the characteristics of each variation.

Pressing the

[VARIATION] or selected voice button toggles the variation on and off.

The indicator lights (ON) each time the

[VARIATION] button is pressed.

Using the Pedals

The instrument has three foot pedals that produce a
range of expressive effects similar to those produced by
the pedals on an acoustic piano.

Damper (Right) Pedal

The damper pedal functions in the same way as a
damper pedal on an acoustic piano. When the damper
pedal is pressed, notes sustain longer. Releasing the pedal
immediately stops (damps) any sustained notes.
When you select the G. PIANO 1 or G. PIANO 1 VARIA-
TION voice on the F11/F01, pressing the damper pedal
activates the instrument’s special “Sustain Samples” to
accurately recreate the unique resonance of an acoustic
grand piano’s soundboard and strings.
Sostenuto (Center) Pedal

If you play a note or chord on the keyboard and press the
sostenuto pedal while the note(s) are held, those notes will
sustain as long as you hold the pedal (as if the damper
pedal had been pressed) but all subsequently played notes
will not be sustained. This makes it possible to sustain a
chord, for example, while other notes are played “staccato.”

Soft (Left) Pedal

The soft pedal reduces the volume and slightly changes the timbre of notes played while the
pedal is pressed. The soft pedal will not affect notes that are already playing when it is pressed.

[VARIATION] button


Normal setting: OFF



In Split mode, the Damper
Pedal Range function deter-
mines whether the damper
pedal affects the right voice, the
left voice, or both the left and
right voices (page 33).

When you press the damper
pedal here, the notes you
play before you release the
pedal have a longer sustain.


Organ and string voices will
continue to sound for as long as
the sostenuto pedal is

When you press the soste-
nuto pedal here while holding
the note, the note will sustain
as long as you hold the pedal.