Managing the call history – Yamaha PJP-100H User Manual

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This unit stores the call history of up to 15 events. You can save the call history as a tab-delimited text (TSV format) file
by downloading it to the PC.


In the web menu, click “Download Call
The “Download File” window appears.


Click “Save As”.
The “Save As” window appears.


Specify the file name and the location to save
it, and then click “Save”.
The call history is saved in the PC.

Viewing the call history file

You can view the call history file (TSV file) with
spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel for utilizing
the data in various ways.

Contents of call history file

The call history file is a text file delimiting information
with tabs. The file extension is “.xls” so that it can be
opened with Microsoft Excel without any change.
Call type: The call type (Incoming/Outgoing/Incoming

but not answered/Multi-location) is shown. The call
originated or terminated automatically in the mesh
connection mode (page 27) is classified as a “Multi-
location” call.

Other party: When the name of the calling or called

unit is registered in the address book, its name is shown

IP/SIP address: The IP address or the SIP address of

the other party of call is shown.

Time: The time at which the call was started is shown.

The SNTP server setting is required to obtain correct date and
time information (page 37).

Managing the Call History

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