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You can download the firmware (program to control the functions of this unit) to use the latest features. There are two
ways to install the firmware: the one is that you connect to the internet using this unit and automatically install the latest
firmware to this unit. The other is that you download the firmware to your PC and install it to this unit manually
(page 44).

To use the revision upgrading function, you should accept the following software licensing agreement.


Permission of use

The present Software Licensing Agreement is intended to
allow Yamaha Corporation (hereinafter referred to as
“Yamaha”) to permit you to use the firmware (hereinafter
“this program”) for Yamaha IP audio conference system
(hereinafter “this product”). You can download this
program after having accepted the terms and conditions of
the present Software Licensing Agreement.
The present Software Licensing Agreement is applicable
to the downloaded copy of this program as well as to its
duplicates produced in accordance with the present
Software Licensing Agreement.


Inhibition of redistribution

You are permitted to download this program only when
you are intended to upgrade the functions of this product.
It is inhibited to upload or post this program in a website
accessible by an unspecified number of the general public
unless there is a permission from Yamaha.


Production of duplicates

You may not produce duplicates of this program unless
when it is necessary for backing up purpose or for
upgrading of more than one of this product.


Inhibition of decompiling, reverse
engineering or disassembling

You may not decompile, reverse-engineer, disassemble,
alter, permit the use of, distribute or create any derivative
works of this program


Limitation of liabilities

Under any situation including a negligence of its own,
Yamaha will not assume any liabilities on the damage to
the customers caused by the present Software Licensing


Export control

You shall comply with all applicable export laws and
regulations of any relevant countries including but not
limited to Japan and your country. You shall not, directly
or indirectly, export or re-export this program except in
compliance with such laws and regulations.


Compliance to laws and regulations

This Software Licensing Agreement should be compliant
to the laws and regulations of Japan and your country, and
should be interpreted in accordance with the laws of

Updating the Firmware

Software Licensing Agreement

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