Troubleshooting, Q1: led indicators do not light up – Yamaha PJP-100H User Manual

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Refer to the following tables when this unit does not function properly. If the problem you are experiencing is not listed
or if the instruction does not help, contact the nearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center.

First, check if the microphone indicators light up. If the indicator is turned off, see “Q1: LED indicators do not light up”
below. Otherwise, consult one of the following description pages according to the problem.

– “Q2: Web menu setting is not available” (page 47)
– “Q3: Call is impossible” (page 48)
– “Q4: Other problems” (page 49)


Q1: LED indicators do not light up




The microphone indicators do not
light up.

This unit is not turned on.

Check that the AC adapter and power cable
are connected properly.

The power cable is not connected to the AC

Check that the power cable is connected to
the AC outlet properly.

The main or branch circuit breaker is shut

If the circuit breaker is tripped to “OFF”, set
it to “ON”.

If the circuit breaker is “ON”, set it to “OFF”
then “ON” again.

There is a power failure.

Wait until the power supply is restored.

Power is not supplied to the AC outlet.
(Carry out the test by connecting another
electrical appliance to the AC outlet.)

If another appliance can neither be turned on,
have the power outlet or power wiring

If another appliance can be turned on, have
this unit serviced.

The microphones are muted (the MIC MUTE
LED lights up).

Press MIC MUTE so that the MIC MUTE
LED is turned off. Page 46 Wednesday, August 23, 2006 3:04 PM